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Rise Rock n’ Shine: The Actual Goners

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Who: Toronto’s The Actual Goners bring live show vibes into their recordings, earning their place as a “roots-rock” band.

What: The Actual Goners are facing the consequences of indulgence in “Temptation” and they’re doing it with some real good tunes.

Why: “Temptation” doesn’t exactly sound like a song from days gone by but it does have the same authenticity⁠—the vocals feel like they fill the room and the easy beat washes over you and encourages you to live your day a little bit lighter.

FFO: idobi Anthm

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“A lot of songwriters would agree that their personal favourite songs often come to them quite naturally, while others are a grind to just finish. ‘Temptation’ was definitely the later for us. The main hook came right away but the rest was a pain in the ass. The song describes someone experiencing the aftermath decisions that were made while in an uninhibited state of mind. The refrain speaks to the conflicts we confront in knowing that indulgence goes hand in hand with consequence.” – The Actual Goners

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