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The Actual Goners – Temptation

Hey there, Our Basement!

A lot of songwriters would agree that their personal favourite songs often come to them quite naturally, while others are a grind to just finish. We may have thought that we had an easy one on our hands with “Temptation,” but the lyrics proved to be a pain in the ass to get down on paper.

“Temptation” was recorded at Toronto’s Lincoln County Social Club with John Dinsmore. We always have such a blast in the studio – always track live off the floor, always an opportunity to learn. Outside of the band, we’ve been able to back up great singers like Dionne Taylor, Jim Cuddy, Zachary Lucky, and Ed Robertson. Stylistically, they’re all different, but are all really great at selling the lines they sing.

The song describes someone who is walking home through oppressive heat, wearing the prior night’s clothing, experiencing the aftermath of the decisions that were made while in an uninhibited state of mind. The refrain speaks to the conflicts we confront in knowing that indulgence goes hand in hand with consequence.

We’ve got a few releases in the cue for this year, which is very exciting stuff. It also frees us up to keep building on our live show, which is a big part of what The Actual Goners is about. If you’re a fan of Wilco, Tom Petty or Drive-By Truckers, you’re sure to find something in our music.

Thanks for listening! Hope you dig it. Duncan & Tristan – The Actual Goners

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